17 - 19 May


Festival 2019

Mikó Castle, Olteni

BBQ Festival 2019

Transylvanian BBQ Festival

We kindly invite you to the 1st official KCBS contest in Romania, the Transylvanian BBQ Festival! It is the only KCBS sanctioned contest in Romania, which will take place in Covasa County, at the Mikó Castle in Olteni between 17-19th May 2019.

Beside the savory food, you will be awaited with folk music and dance, brass band performances and interactive programmes for children. Bring your family and friends!


May 2019 Mikó Castle, Olteni


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KCBS Representatives at the Transylvanian BBQ Festival

The preparation and competition is supervised by two KCBS Representatives:

Haymo Gutweniger

KCBS Board of Directors, member


Grilling and BBQ is his passion, he loves to be together with its worldwide BBQ family and spread the love for it. He also loves to talk about it because this way he can bring people into the BBQ world and increase the BBQ family. According to Haymo, they are open-minded people, they don’t care where somebody is coming from nor what he/she is doing in his/her life. The barbecue family is having great times together because they really love what they do.

Haymo is doing backyard BBQ since 1992, giving grilling and BBQ classes since 2012, running a Weber Grill Academy since 2015, is KCBS member since June 2014, KCBS Representative since the end of 2015, KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge since the end of 2016, KCBS member of the Board of Directors since January 2019.  

Petra Rebenstorf

KCBS Master Judge

The Netherlands

When she travelled to Northern America in 1991 for seven months, outdoor cooking became Petra’s new favorite way to cook any kind of food. The American way of low and slow BBQ is a kind of virus. Once you catch it, it’s hard to get rid of it.

She believes that the best food is the food that you share with friends and family. Having some meat and vegetables on the grill or in the BBQ and enjoying each other’s company, a good conversation, having fun and a nice drink is just the perfect way to spend time.

Petra supervised the simulation of the Transylvanian BBQ Festival held in Sfântu Gheorghe/Saint George between the 8-10th of July 2018. After the event she declared she was proud of the organizers and the competing teams

She can’t wait for the official Transylvanian BBQ Festival in Olteni, 17-19th of May 2019, since she considers the Festival her “baby”.



LENGYEL Szabolcs

Masters of fire (NL)

Robert Janmaat

PureBBQ (NL)

Joris de Bruin

iQ (NL)

Richard Wagers

Program for contesting teams

BBQ News

February 2, 2019

Transylvanian BBQ Festival included in the Kansas City Barbeque Society circuit

The Transylvanian BBQ Festival in Covasna county has been included in the official calendar of the Kansas City Barbeque Society […]