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Transylvanian BBQ Festival in a fabulous location

Who doesn’t want a taste of America’s flavors, without having to travel thousands of miles? You will have the chance to do so between the 17-19th of May. In addition to the food specialities, the venue is not to be neglected either, as the competition and accompanying programs will take place in the gardens of the Mikó Castle in Olteni. The family atmosphere will be ensured by stage performances and interactive programs for children. We also invite everybody for a short time travel in the form of a guided tour of the castle, where you can discover what the well-preserved wall paintings hide.

Barbecue – more than a cooking method

The slow, long-lasting heat treatment in smokers gives a special texture and flavour to the meat.

The predecessor of this process was already  known centuries ago: a hole was dug in the ground, in which a larger amount of wood was burned, stones were placed on the coal in order to cook the meat that was put on top.

In the United States of America, barbecue does not refer just to the cooking method, it also means the gathering of friends and family to celebrate or to commemorate something (for example, Independence Day, Father’s day, Mother’s Day).

It is no wonder that barbecuing is conquering the whole of Europe as well, given that cooking outdoors usually comes with fun, joy and good mood.

Why compete?

The competition organized according to KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) rules is popular among teams because – beside the good mood – judges rule based on a blind judging method, and according to strict, but unambiguous rules. Beginner teams can learn the KCBS requirements and improve their cooking skills during a cooking class.

The Transylvanian BBQ Festival is Romania’s only KCBS competition. The best-ranked Romanian team automatically qualifies for the Jack Daniel’s World Championship.

KCBS competitions also mean great atmosphere and cheerful teams, that can stay friendly despite the competition and the challenge.

According to KCBS rules, teams compete in the following categories:

–        Chicken

–        Pork ribs

–        Pulled pork

–        Brisket

–        Mystery box