Community celebration will be the weekend barbecue festival


Community celebration will be the weekend barbecue festival

Street food courtyard, gastronomic specialities, activities for children, live cooking show, horse carriage ride, concerts, real community celebration is waiting for those who go to the Transylvanian BBQ Festival in the weekend, on the courtyard of Miko Castle at Olteni.

Quality and very colourful programs are waiting for families, young and not so young at the barbeque festival in a stylish and unique environment, sad Grüman Róbert, vice-president of Covasna County Council on Thursday, at the press conference held in the tourism info office of Saint George. ,,We have already started to prepare for the event. This competition popularizes the American gastronomic culture troughout Europe, so it gives us the opportunity to focus the barbeque fans` attention to Covasna County, to attract many tourists to the region and at the same time to offer quality entertaining possibility for locals as well. Advanced and not so advanced teams have signed up for the competitions, but it`s a huge challenge for everybody anyway, and at the same time it`s a good opportunity to meet new people, to exchange experiences and to learn new things.”

The festival starts on Friday, at three o`clock in the afternoon. Fodor Istvan, the mayor of Bodoc commune said that it is a great opportunity for Olteni to host the event, and they have already finished the preparation of the location, everything is ready to welcome the guests. 

Petra Rebenstorf, Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) representative will be the judge this year as well, she is going to evaluate 17 competing teams` work. She as a professional has to make sure that during the whole event everything happens according to the KCBS rules. The meals are judged on a number of rigorous criteria, like serving, smell and softness in the chicken, pork and pork ribs, brisket and mystery box (surprise) competition categories. The competition will begin at 5 pm on Saturday and the results will be announced at 5 pm on Sunday.

Matt Barber, representative of the American Hot Wachula’s team, has already achieved good resoults at barbecue competitions in many countries around the world, but has never competed in the courtyard of a castle. He said he was honored to have the possibility to compete in such a beautiful historic location. Matt, from Florida, do not has any team members, because he says this way he has the responsibility and he can only blame himself if he makes a mistake during the contest. Nevertheless, he thinks barbecue moves and forges families and communities.

The festival will be worth a visit, as the organizers offer such interesting things as authentic American and Szekler dishes, as well as live cooking by chef Radu Zărnescu, which of course can be tasted by the audience, and after the judging the dishes made by the teams as well as. The little ones will have a full day of kids’ activities and concerts, with the Mesehetes, Karaván and Új Bojtorján bands, and the adults partying with Republic, Taxi and Zanzibar formations. Admission to the event is 10 lei for adults and free up to 16 years.

Organizers provide parking for more than five hundred cars, and on Saturday and Sunday a bus departs every hour and a half starting from 11 am, touching the following locations: Saint George brewery and Lábasház. The ticket is 4 lei and can be bought on the bus.