Cooking & Judging Class

Cooking & Judging Class

Cooking Class with Marco Agostini – 17th April (Wednesday), Big Papa Terrace, Sfântu Gheorghe – 60 EUR

Marco Agostini has a passion for all aspects of gastronomy. He has 15 years of experience in the BBQ sector. He plays an active role in gastronomy, being a promoter of many of the initiatives. Marco is member of the Italian Sommelier Association, and member of the National Organization of Cheese Tasters. The multi-faceted experience has made him an eclectic professional figure able to influence techniques and trends in the sector and the creator and promoter of a new concept of cereative BBQ, aimed at raising barbecue cooking to the same level of expressions of the most accredited cuisine forms.

Come and join the BBQ lovers at a professional Cooking class held by Marco! You will learn about the BBQ and Kansas City Barbeque Society. You can improve your cooking skills according to KCBS rules and expectations.

Cooking classApril 17th (Wednesday)9.30 – 18.30Big papa Terrace,
Saint George

Judging class with Haymo Gutweniger and Petra Rebenstorf – 17th April (Wednesday), Wednesday, Big Papa Terrace, Sfântu Gheorghe – 40 EUR

Haymo is doing backyard BBQ since 1992, giving grilling and BBQ classes since 2012, is KCBS member since June 2014, KCBS Representative since 2015, KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge since the end of 2016, KCBS member of the Board of Directors since January 2019. Grilling and BBQ is his passion, he loves to be together with its worldwide BBQ family and spread the love for it.

Petra supervised the simulation of the Transylvanian BBQ Festival held in Saint George between the 8-10th of July 2018. After the event she declared she was proud of the organizers and the competing teams.

She can’t wait for the official Transylvanian BBQ Festival in Olteni, since she considers the Festival her “baby”.

Only Certified Barbeque Judges (CBJ) can evaluate the barbeques prepared at the contest.

Contact us if you’d like to be part of the KCBS CBJ big family! 

Judging Class*April 17th (Wednesday)12.30 – sign inBig papa Terrace Saint George
13.00 – 19.30

*Judging class fee includes one year KCBS membership., 0746 – 110 766