World-class trainer teaches barbecue at Saint George


World-class trainer teaches barbecue at Saint George

International contest to popularize American gastronomic culture at Covasna County

As a warm-up to the Transylvanian BBQ Festival, on the 17th of April, on the terrace of Big Papa, Saint George it will take place a cooking and judging class for the first official international KCBS contest.

The open preparatory class gives technical and theoretical knowledge, according to the Official Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS) competition`s strict, but clear rules. Participants will learn from the KCBS representatives, experts like the Italian Marco Agostini chef and Haymo Gutweniger and the Dutch Petra Rebenstorf.

According to Grüman Róbert, vice-president of Covasna County Council this class is the preparatory phase of the Transylvanian BBQ Festival, that will take place at the courtyard of Mikó Castle at Olteni, between 17-19 May. ”It is the first time we organize such a class, and it makes possible for us to fall into line with the high expectations of the official barbeque system. This class is an advantage for those who want to participate at the competition, because they will learn the tricks of the cooking and the serving part as well. It is a real challenge for us to organize the event, because we have to make sure that the local competing groups are as prepared as the international groups.” – noted the vice-president.

The chef known throughout Europe, Marco Agostini told us: ”Barbeque is my lifestyle. It is unique and beautiful because it keeps the simplicity of the life concept of the countryside. I`m really happy that through this KCBS competition Covasna County, Romania is present at international level, this will attract many tourists to this amazing region. I hope that this competition will make the region`s gastronomic culture even more colourful. We wait for all barbeque fans to the class.” The class is open for everyone: the taught techniques will help professionals improve their work and amateurs can use them in their own kitchen.